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The Matrix Seat

Hand built to the client's specific needs using either a direct fit process or traditional plaster cast method, the Matrix Seat becomes a truly bespoke piece of equipment when created by a highly qualified Matrix engineer.


The Matrix Seat includes custom made and machine washable upholstery in a wide range of colours, combines an attractive finish with practicality ensuring a hygienic and healthy seating environment.


The Ultimate Seating Solution

The Matrix Seating System, using quality components originally designed by engineers at the University of London over twenty years ago, has an excellent history of safety and efficiency.

Used internationally for the more involved disabled client, it remains a very adaptable choice for special seating needs.

With the ability to adjust and grow the Matrix Seat is a cost effective alternative to other systems, removing the need for constant replacement.

The open structure of the Matrix sheet reduces overheating for clients and allows for both a tactile and visual assessment of fit.


For more information on the Matrix Seating System call 01823 481100 or email

safe, attractive and very adaptable

Wide range of accessories

Matrix accessories include detachable headrests and armrest elbow mouldings the Matrix Seating System remains the ultimate solution for complex seating requirements.

Neo Wheelbase

The Matrix Seating System is designed to fit most wheelbases including our own
NEO wheelbase